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Myers-Stevens Info Sheet


Insurance & Benefits Trust of PORAC

Plan Features Long-Term Disability (Policy # A)
How Benefits are Funded Fully insured by Standard Insurance Company – A.M. Best rated A (excellent); Standard and Poor’s rated A+ (Strong). Ratings as of October 2017. Ratings included the Standard Life Insurance Company of New York
Percentage of Wages Protected 66 2/3% of the first $15,000 monthly Pre-Disability Earnings, reduced by Deductible income during the initial 12 months of LTD benefit eligibility. After 12 months of LTD benefit eligibility, Non Industrial Disabilities: 66 2/3%
Industrial Disabilities: 16 2/3%
Catastrphic Disability Benefit N/A
Maximum Monthly Benefit $10,000 (66 2/3% of $15,000) before reduction by Deductible Income.
Maximum Benefit Period To age 65 if 61 or younger when Disability began. Maximum Benefit Period for Disabilities that occur after age 61 will be determined by your age when Disability began
Own Occupation Period 12 months following the waiting period.
Freeze of Sick Leave (Premium payments are waived while Disability Benefits are payable)
Minimum Benefit $200 per month while receiving sick pay fo Non-Industrial Disabilities; $50 per month in all other circumstances.
Sick Leave Integration Benefit (Non-Industrial only) After 60 days, receive 100% of base pay through use of 50% leave time and 50% LTD Benefit.
STD Benefit Eligibility Waiting Period N/A
LTD Waiting Period 365 days (Premium payments are waived while Disability Benefits are payable)
Musculosketal & Connective Tissue Disorders For certain conditions, benefits are limited to 12 months for each period of disability.
Mental & Nervous Disorders Benefits are limited to 6 months for each continuous period of disability caused or contributed to by a Mental Disorder; or as long as hospitalized.
Drug & Alcohol Use Benefits are limited to 6 months lifetime.
Death Benefit $65,000 Death Benefit (Accidental) fully insured thorugh ReliaStar Life Insurance Company.
$50,000 Death Benefit (Natural) fully self-insured through IBT PORAC.

Monthly Contribution: $29.70
This is an illustration only. Refer to Plan Documents and Insurance Policy for complete details. CA License Number 0425842. For additional assistance please contact your Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co. Inc. representative at (800) 827-4695.